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What is this game all about?
Our Place is all about challenge, roleplaying and having fun.

You will enjoy the game most if
you let go, assume the identity of your character and play the game
from that point of view.

As far as winning the game goes, that is entirely up to you. You decide
what your goals are within the game, and then work to achieve those
goals. You may want to be the most powerful Mage, or the most
respected Clerical. You may simply want to play the role of an honorable
Warrior who rescues people in distress and combats the evils of the
monsters that invade the land. Some players measure success by the
amount of personal wealth that they amass. Others believe that, "He
who dies with the most toys, wins."

Our Place is a powerful roleplaying environment, and the basic idea
is that no matter what your personal goals may be, you should always
play out the role of your character when interacting with the other

What is a Multiplayer Fantasy Role-playing Game?

By multiplayer, we mean that many people are playing Our Place at
the same time, from various online services. As you wander around the
game, you will encounter other players and be able to interact with
them in a variety of ways. Interaction between players can take many
forms, from simply sitting in the local inn or tavern and chatting over a
mug of ale or by working together to fulfill a quest, or heading off into
the wilds in search of adventure.

Role-playing means that players assume the identity of the character
that they have created, acting as a real adventurer of that time might
act and responding to the world in kind.  This makes the world a richer, more
textured place for everyone, and indeed, is the best way to have the
most fun during your time in Our Place

Where are the graphics?

Our Place uses the most powerful and advanced graphics system
that exists, your own mind. Our Place is a text-based adventure
game. This means that all of the information is communicated to you
through text, and you are able to visualize things as YOU see them.

What are Immortals and what can they help you with?

Immortals (imms for short), are responsible for the design,
creation, and implementation of Our Place mechanics. They build
the world, create the monsters, spells, puzzles, and events that make
our world live and breathe on a daily basis.

Immortals can help you with technical questions or assist you in
resolving problems with game configuration, but remember, the number of
players vastly outnumbers the number of Immortals, and so you will
often find that the best and quickest way to get answers, is just by
asking your fellow adventurers.

Immortals have their own rules they must follow. They cannot give
you directions, answers to puzzles, obvious hints, or tell you the locations of
your friends, nor can they help your character when he or she is dead,
or move you from place to place. Immortals are the caretakers of
the world, and will help you as much as they can, but are limited in how
much assistance they can provide to individual players. Their primary
responsibility is to the balance and integrity of the game above all else.

Playing Our Place

I'm lost. Where do I start?

Start by relaxing. Our Place is a very detailed game system. It is
easy to learn if you take things one step at a time.

anscreenopen.jpg (24883 bytes)

You will need to use a telnet client to reach us.  If you are not familiar with telnet and do not possess a telnet client, please click here and go to the software page. After you have installed a telnet client, choose ANSI BBS or ANSI emulation for the best appearance. You should then telnet to

When you enter Our Place for the first time, you will need to
create a new character. On the opening screen, you will see "By which name do you wish to be known?" here you will decide what name you would like to call your new character. Type it in and hit enter.

NOTE: If it immediately asks for a password, that character name has already been used, you will need to think of another. 

If you successfully thought of an unused character name, say you chose to use "Jekks" and type that in.. the next thing you will see is "Did I get that right? Jekks ?".   Here you should indicate Yes or No and you will be taken to a prompt that says: "New character. Give me a password for Jekks".   Choose a password, type it in and it will then ask you to retype it. 

You will then be asked "What is your sex (M/F/N)?". Choose the appropriate or desired sex (N is simply there for people who wish to play a genderless character, this is fantasy after all!  ... hit enter.

It will then say:  Select a race [Hum Elf Hel Dwa Orc Hor Hob Gia Pix Drw

There currently are no helps in the pre-login stage for the races available on Our place, so we will provide brief descriptions here, but it is always best to enter the game and build associations with fellow adventurers, learning the ins and outs of each particular race and class before seriously building a character...

You will then be asked: Select a class [Cle Thi Psi Nec Ran Enc War Brb Mag]:

You can check on some brief attributes of the classes here.

You will then be asked for the city from which you'd like to begin your journey. (Midgaard is the most populated with beginners and the most helpful).  From there, you will be placed in a beginning room of the Mud School.  This is usually a room immediately above the city you TEMPLED in.  Wherever your temple is, is where you find yourself if you use the RECALL command when you find yourself either in a dangerous situation or so far from "home" you don't want or need to walk back, you may many times be lost.

How do i get around here ?

By typing N,W,E,U or D followed by the enter key, you will move in the direction that letter represents. For example, N is North, U is up, so on and so forth.

How do I look around ?

typing the LOOK command by itself, you will see the room
description. However, by typing LOOK {object} you will see a
description of that object (if there is one.) For example, if you enter a
room and the room description states that there is a collection of
books on a table, you may want to do the following:


This would give you a description of the table.


This would give you a description  of the first book. To see a description of subsequent books, you would type LOOK 2.BOOK and so on.

Am i wearing anything ? and how do i see myself ?

You enter Our Place clothed in basic armor that will help you withstand combat with the lesser monsters of the realm that you will be familiarizing yourself with soon. To see what you are currently wearing on your body, you would type EQUIPMENT.  This will show you everything you are wearing. To "see" yourself as others do, simply type LOOK <YOUR NAME>. To see what is in INVENTORY, simply type INV or INVENTORY.  To see your "STATS" simply type STATS.  You will see various things, including your AC (ARMOR CLASS) .. you can observe this changing depending apon what equipment you might wear or remove, what spells have been cast on you and so on.

How do I pick things up and wear them ?

Dealing With Multiple Items

In some cases, there may be several things present that are called by
the same noun name. For example, there will be several "books," each
representing a separate teaching. In this event, you need to make sure that
you use an adjective to specify which book you mean. For example:
given the choice of "a cartography book", " a book of armor", and "a
book on raising the dead", you would want to type something like, "LOOK
CARTOGRAPHY" to make sure you look at the book on cartography.

How do I attack people?

You will swiftly be thrown in "jail" if you attempt to  attack other people in Our Place.

Player vs. Player conflict and combat is frowned upon, the decision to make this impossible was decided and deliberate.  The stresses and hatreds that develop when it is permitted, we felt drew the wrong sorts of people and would prefer them to play on other MUDS. There is tension enough on Our Place with the challenges, quests, sieges, group parties and battles, without the need to focus the tensions on a human being.  We have enough of that in our real lives, Our Place is a way to escape, not further undesirable behaviors, though certain personality types forever find this titillating and useful, and  will always be drawn to this, we hope they enjoy their play elsewhere.

Instead of attacking people, you should try to concentrate on attacking the monsters that show up. You'll have a lot more fun if you cooperate with other players and form groups of friends that work well together. The greatest enjoyment you can get from Our Place will involve interacting with other players. If you
play a character who runs around bickering and annoying anyone and everyone all of the time, others are not going to want to interact with you.

I'm DEAD!!! What do I do now?

The death of a character is always a stressful time in any game.
Fortunately, on Our Place, death is not necessarily final.

When your character dies, it does not automatically disappear into the
nether world. The body stays around in the real world for a while,
giving you time to find your way back to your body. If you  cannot
find your body (it will be where you died) then you will have to depart and take your chances
with being resurrected by virtue of the Rubies you have earned. An
IMMORTAL can be reached by using the PRAY command, if when you type WHOIS <your name>, you see you have acquired enough rubies for a resurrection. See help TRADE for a list.

If you have found your way back to your lifeless body, you simply type GET ALL CORPSE and your worldly items will move from your lifeless body to your new resurrected form.  The items will be in INVENTORY, so you must then type WEAR ALL, or WEAR,HOLD or WIELD <ITEM> to WEAR, HOLD or WIELD pieces individually. You will notice in your STATS an experience loss for your death.

Everything that you were wearing or carrying will be left behind at the
location where you departed (died). This means that you face the potential of
losing all clothing, armor, weapons, and any other items that you were
carrying if you simply leave them there without retrieving them.

Any money that you were carrying is also lost. Items that you
had in storage at some other location or LOCKER and money that you have in the
BANK  is NOT in danger of being lost in this way.

Is there any way to escape monsters before i die ?

When in danger you can't escape, the FLEE command will rush you to an adjacent room when successful. The more viable exits in a room, the more chances of success of this command.  The RECALL command works in a similar fashion, but since you are essentially praying for divine assistance, you will be transported to your home TEMPLE. Experience loss occurs with both of these commands.   There are also potions you can purchase in various towns that will assure a swift RECALL when QUAFFED. (Syntax: QUAFF <potion>). These will be expensive, but do not fail as the recall, or flee command do.

As a matter of game policy, the IMMS cannot help you avoid any
consequences of death. IMMS cannot resurrect or heal your character.
They cannot watch or recover your belongings for you. They cannot
contact other players for you in order to have them come to your aid.

Character death is hard to face. Even if you don't lose your character,
you will usually end up losing most, or all of what you were carrying  if you don't swiftly return to your body where you died.
However, death is something that your character CAN recover from,
and you should look on it as just another of the challenges on
Our Place.

How can I start over?

In order to delete your current character and start a new one, you
need to type DELETE <password> <password>.

CAUTION: Deleting your character is permanent. We WILL NOT
un-delete a character once you have selected the option to delete it.