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TELNET CLIENTS DESCRIPTION (From Software source, not opinion of OP)
NetTerm Telnet Client


Published by: Intersoft International Inc.


NetTerm is a network terminal which can act as a telnet client both on a locally attached ethernet network, as well as a dial in network using WinSock products such as Trumpet and Windows 95/NT.

NetTerm provides emulation for the VT-52, VT-100, VT-102, VT-220, VT-320, ANSI,ANSI-BBS, SCO-ANSI, QNX-2, IBM-3101, IBM-3151, IBM-3161, IBM-3163, IBM FTTERM, Televideo 925, Wyse 50, and the Nixdolf BA-80 terminals. In addition to being a telnet client, NetTerm also supports rlogin.

NetTerm now supports the German language for all versions of Windows. Language selection is provided in the NetTerm setup process.

zMud Shareware (Registered $20.00)

ZMUD (requires Windows and PPP*) or can be downloade from OurPlace zMud Mirror.

zmud.gif (17206 bytes)

MUD client that supports multiple character windows (multiplaying), aliases, triggers with complex pattern matching, macro keys, variables, speedwalking, automatic map generation, graphical buttons, extensive built-in and user-defined functions, ANSI color, word wrapping, alarms, and online help. It is fully customizeable and 90 percent compatible with TinTin++ clients.


Platforms: Win 3.x, Win 95, Win NT 3.51,
Win NT 4.0

ELF client



ELF is an advanced, programmable, fast and user-friendly client for playing MUDs. MACROs, VARs, ALIASes, TRIGGERs, full mouse support, sounds, logs,scroll-buffer,full ANSI colour support, user definable windows, encryption, wizards, support for
multiple instances. Automatic TICK recognition for faster HP/MANA/MOV regain.Built-in auto mapper. Fully configurable.


Platforms: Win 95, Win NT 3.51, Win NT

TinTin (requires a Unix shell account**) TinTin for Unix/Linux makes MUDding much easier. Freeware. Current development can be found at Robert Ellsworth's tintin++ page
TinTin for VMS VAX machines** For people calling from those big guys.
WINTIN95 1.4 Freeware

Publisher: William Lees


Wintin 95 1.4

Wintin 95 is a program especially designed for playing text-based multi-user dungeons. It is a fully graphical multi-windowed program which will run under Windows 95 or Windows NT. it includes a complete port of Tintin++. It has a powerful 'alias' facility, which lets you set up an unlimited number of shortcut commands for the things you find yourself doing a lot. It has an
'action' facility which you can use to automate things. For example you can set up actions to eat whenever you are hungry, fill a barrel every time you pass a fountain and so on. And you can roll your own coloring if you are using a mud that doesn't do coloring itself.

Platforms: Win 95, Win NT 3.51, Win NT

GMUD Shareware (Registered $20.00)

Publisher: Daniel Lee Kelly II


Genewic Mud Client for Winsock is designed tofacilitate interaction with a MUD server, and can be used in place of the standard telnet command. Features:  Separate input an output windows, avoiding the most annoying aspect of using telnet, in which the incoming text is interspersed with
what you type.  Multiple hosts in different windows active simultaneously, allowing you to "lurk" on several hosts at the same time. Easy to use, remembers mud host names, ports, and optionally passwords, and other
logon text.  Scroll back buffer, eliminating the need for page pausing on the mud server side.  Advanced Triggers that support sound events,allowing you to wait for your favorite person to log on, and be notified by sound, eliminating the need to watch over the computer screen. Macros, and a dockable/floating macro bar. ANSI color support. (not vt100 or ANSI cursor
positioning). Multiple Macro / Trigger / Alias sets for using multiple muds / logins.   Active hosts window, which allows you to see which hosts you are connected to, and which have new activity since you last viewed that
window. You may also switch between them by clicking on the hosts.
Fully asynchronous sockets programming model, not locking up your computer while waiting for a network event to occur.  User selectable fonts. ( Courier or other non-proportional fonts only to allow for proper positioning of on-line ASCII art.)   Several word wrapping options including 80 columns / window size, and character or word wrapping.  Floating / dockable toolbar allowing easy access to common commands.   Win32 programming model for added robustness.  User selectable colors foreground / background. Pause. Pauses text display. Log Files - Allows all text to be written to a file.  Copy from Output window. Select text with left mouse button, release left mouse button to copy to clipboard.  Paste File Option. Sends text file out to MUD.
Aliases - Allowing you to create your own commands / shortcuts
Command Stacking - execute multiple commands at one time.  Speed Walking - A popular feature that allows you to get from point a to point b quickly.

Get the latest version at:

Platforms: Win 95, Win NT 4.0

ICQ (I seek you) Know when friends log on, chat, instantly xfer files etc. Freeware
  Video and voice   conference online with a group, or one on one. Camera not required to "watch".


PowWow (requires Windows and PPP*) Send files directly to friends off HD, voice & text chat. Shareware newer versions also support MSP mud sounds.
MZF (Make Zones Fast) requires Windows Offline MUD area builder and converter. No longer under development but still one of the best tools out there.
Netscanner (requires Windows and PPP*) Monitors where lag originates, traceroute, ping, finger. netscan, among others.


*PPP is a form of connection to your provider. Please contact them if you are not sure which types you have. PPP will require a form of dial-up-networking in Windows95, or Trumpet Winsock type client in lower.Windows 3.1 and

** If you are not familiar with compiling programs on these platforms, please do a net search for the program names and you are bound to find extensive help on them.

Mud FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) The MUD FAQ is a general-purpose document designed to introduce the prospective mudder to various aspects of mudding.