Classes are an arbitrary way of collecting together related skills that your
character can learn.  Your choice of class is a fundamental step in choosing
what sort of character you want to play.  The following classes are available
for you to choose from:
Barbarian    - Your basic adventurer type.  Not too fond of magic, and not many special attacks, 
but can absorb huge amounts of damage.  Must start as a fighter. Barbarians are are the strongest an
d most resilient of all the fighting class.  What they lack in brain and finesse they make up in thick skin.
Barbarians have the most hit points and highest resilience of all the classes, but lack strong attacks.

Barbarians by their nature shun magical items and magical affects.  They may
not use magical items until they learn to accept them, and may not benefit
from magic spells until they learn to appreciate them.

Cleric       - A faithful servant of a divine being, who inherits abilities
               through the power of faith.  The CLERIC class is a 'spellcasting
' class devoted primarily toward defense.
A deity gives the CLERIC spells in the curing, warding, and protection
divinities.  CLERICs being of a defensive nature fare poorly in the art of
mortal combat.  They much prefer to be civil servants to society or doctors
to their comrades in arms.  Since a CLERIC recieves his powers from their
gods, attacks against a target of the same alignment as are reduced in
Elementalist - A spell caster whose magic is geared to the use of the four
               elements (air, earth, fire, and water).Elemental rules the world using the four basic elements:  fire,
water, earth, and ice.  Although some lesser elementals pose little
problem to the seasoned adventurer, elemental rulers will usually
annhililate entire groups of veterans.

Enchanter    - A traditional spell caster, who specialises in spells that
               affect (i.e. enchant) other people or objects.
The ENCHANTER class is a 'spellcasting' class devoted primarily toward
control over the elements.  The universe contains an unmeasured power the
ENCHANTER taps into to influence the world. ENCHANTER spells are devoted to
the invoking, hermetic, and combative nature.  ENCHANTERs fare a little
better than their CLERIC counterparts in hand-to-hand combat though they
much prefer to stand back and roast their enemies with a FORCE

Necromancer  - An unsavory spell user who gains power through studying
               death and the processes of putrefaction. (more information soon)
Psionicist   - A spell user whose abilities spring from concentrated mind
               powers and rigorous mental disciplines.
The PSIONICIST class is a 'spellcasting' class similar to Mages and
Clerics, but with several important differences.  Where a Mage's power
comes from harnessing external energies present in all matter, and a
Cleric's comes from his or her deity, the Psionicist derives all of his or
her power from within.  The Psionicist harnesses, shapes, and utilizes the
natural forces which infuse his or her own being.  As a result, many of the
devotions that a Psionicist can practice are strictly personal in effect,
and cannot be used on other players.

Disclaimer:  Psionicist class was originally developed by Thelonius
(EnvyMud) from 'The Complete Psionics Handbook' by Steve Winter, published
by TSR, Inc.  Skills and spells described therein will be quite similar to
those here, though the interpretation has been changed to coincide with a
MERC DIKU MUD.  Questions, comments, and suggestions are welcome.

Ranger       - A self-reliant wanderer with comprehensive survival skills.
RANGER The ranger class is very unique.  Rangers have been known for their
ability to be at 'one' with the atmosphere around them.  Some of the skills
that are unique to rangers on Ourplace are, CAMOUFLAGE, AMBUSH, FIND WATER,
unique and highly respected skill of the ranger class, they have an inate
talent for creating powerful maps, and become a key role in groups that
need to explore.

Thief        - A rogue who prospers through stealth, cunning, and general
The THIEF class can be characterized as a WARRIOR who dropped out of school
to pursue more "profitable" means of living. These wirey persons have
physical endurance slightly less than that of a WARRIOR but are much more
agile. Whereas a WARRIOR uses well placed weapon slashes, a THIEF seeks to
DISARM his opponent.  THIEVES also excel in the art of stealth.  An unwary
opponent might not detect a THIEF until a BACKSTAB is attempted.  To
achieve success in this, the skills SNEAK and HIDE are
learned.  With a THIEF's PICK LOCK and POISON WEAPON skill, a
THIEF also makes the perfect assassin for political powerhouses.

Warrior      - A trained fighter who has had an extensive grounding in
               combat techniques, and tends to overcome things by force.
               never has a need for mana.  Must start as a fighter.
The WARRIOR class is the most basic fighting class available.  Their battle
training along with high strength and high hit points make them very
formidable in hand to hand combat. WARRIORs train in the art of multiple
attacks.  Some master the art of a SECOND ATTACK and if experienced
enough, master a THIRD ATTACK. Along with this training in multiple
attacks, a WARRIOR is trained in making each hit count.  ENHANCED
DAMAGE is available to only the learned.  Toward the defense side of the
WARRIOR, skills of PARRY, RESCUE and BASH DOOR allow the
WARRIOR to ward off attacks, rush to the aid of fellow comrades, and open
doors rather barbarically.

You can get a more complete list of the abilities available to each class
by using the SLIST command within the game. Type help SLIST while logged on for syntax.