Hum (Human) -  HUMANs are the most "neutral" of al
l races. They have normal attribute
levels yet are the most versatile in all the available professions.
Their strengths are:
* Are equally good in all classes.
* Their stature does not make them an easy target to hit.
* They can wear a large range of equipment sizes
* Swimming
* Can be any alignment

Elf (Elves) - ELVES are one of the oldest races.
They are a slightly smaller than humans,
and much more attuned to magic. Due to the purity in which they were raised,
they cannot be EVIL.
* Detect Hidden.
* Hide
* Must be GOOD or NEUTRAL.

Hel (Half-elves) - HALFELVES are crossbreeds of HUMANs
and ELVES. They have all the physical
attributes of ELVES and have the bodily strength normally associated with
HUMANs. Their stature is equivalent with that of HUMANs. Unfortunately,
having ELVEN characteristics, certain races may impart their hatred for ELVES
HALFELVES have certain abilities available to them.
* Detect Hidden.
* Can be any alignment

Dwa (Dwarves) - DWARVES are an ancient race, nearly
as old as ELVES. They are miners
and are quite comfortable underground, even in total darkness. DWARVES
are very strong, and have high constitutions and resilience.

DWARVES have certain abilities available to them.
* Infravision
* Endurance
* Assess
* Can be any alignment

Orc - ORCS are average sized, stoop shouldered creatures. They are very strong
but a bit cowardly. ORCS are quite at home in the outdoors, and can
often be found in groups. Orcs do not make good spellcasters.
ORCS have certain abilities available to them.
* Track
* Hunt
* Can be any alignment

Hor (Half-orcs)
- HALFORCS are a crossbreeds of HUMANS and ORCS. They are slightly weaker
than ORCS, but are somewhat better at magic.

HALFORCS have certain abilities available to them.
* Hunt
* Can be any alignment

Hob (Hobbit) -HOBBITs are small funloving creatures with a strong sense of family.
Sometimes there is an occasional black sheep with a strong desire for
adventure. HOBBITs have small frames and are quite agile. Because
of their size, they gain certain advantages when fighting much larger
foes but they are also picked upon by these large gruesome beasts
too. HOBBITs have certain abilities available to them.
* Hide.
* Sneak.
* Can be any alignment

Gia (Giants) - (information soon)

Pix (Pixies) - (information soon)

Drw (Drow) - (information soon)

Mer (Merfolk) - (information soon)


There are many races in this realm of different abilities and sizes.
Known to civilized races, there are about 40 races wandering the world.

Take care of the more arcane and mysterious races.

You must choose a race when you first create a character, and this is
a fundamental step in choosing what sort of character you want to
play.  The races that are available, and their effects, are shown

                                       STR INT WIS DEX CON MANA   ABILITIES
Drow       DR                -2        2      -1       1       -1        50        Faerie fire, infravision
Dwarf      DWA              3      -2      -2      -2        3       -50        Endurance,infravision,dig
Elf            ELF               -1       2      -1       2       -2        50        Detect hidden, hide
Giant       GIA                 5      -3      -3      -4        5       -50        Bash door
Half-Elf   HEL              -1        1       0       1        1        25         Detect hidden
Half-Orc HOR               1      -1      -1       0        1       -25         Hunt
Hobbit    HOB             -3        0       0       3        1          0         Hide, sneak
Human   HUM              0        0       0       0        0          0        Swim, dig
Merfolk  MER               0        0       1      -1        0          0        Breathe water,extra regen in water
Orc           ORC             2       -2      -2       0        2       -50        Hunt, track,dig
Pixie         PIX              -5        3       0       5       -5        50        Detect invis, fly, fade.

The modifiers shown above affect both your initial statistic scores and
the maximum statistic scores you may achieve.

Different races have different physical characteristics so may or may not
be able to wear all equipment sizes.