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You will need to use a telnet client to reach us.  If you are not familiar with telnet and do not possess a telnet client, please click here and go to the software page, and download Netterm. You will be opening up a whole new world of the internet. or if you're a bit more adventurous, one of the MUD clients, but I would recommend these for either quick-learners or people not unfamiliar with muds. After you have installed a telnet client, choose ANSI BBS or ANSI emulation for the best appearance. You should then telnet to

When you enter Our Place for the first time, you will need to
create a new character. On the opening screen, you will see "By which name do you wish to be known?" here you will decide what name you would like to call your new character. Type it in and hit enter.

NOTE: If it immediately asks for a password, that character name has already been used, you will need to think of another. 

If you successfully thought of an unused character name, say you chose to use "Jekks" and type that in.. the next thing you will see is "Did I get that right? Jekks ?".   Here you should indicate Yes or No and you will be taken to a prompt that says: "New character. Give me a password for Jekks".   Choose a password, type it in and it will then ask you to retype it. 

You will then be asked "What is your sex (M/F/N)?". Choose the appropriate or desired sex (N is simply there for people who wish to play a genderless character, this is fantasy after all!  ... hit enter.

It will then say:  Select a race [Hum Elf Hel Dwa Orc Hor Hob Gia Pix Drw

There currently are no helps in the pre-login stage for the races available on Our place, so we will provide brief descriptions here, but it is always best to enter the game and build associations with fellow adventurers, learning the ins and outs of each particular race and class before seriously building a character...

You will then be asked: Select a class [Cle Thi Psi Nec Ran Enc War Brb Mag]:

You can check on some brief attributes of the classes here. You will then be asked to Choose a temple city.  Midgaard is the most populated for beginning users, so If you like to be around others, this would be your choice. Other temple cities have their own particular advantages, but if you are a true beginner, you may want to be around where help is most readily available. You can always travel to the other cities and temple in them if you choose to, later on.


Good luck!  if you have any questions or problems with your software, please email us, we will be happy to help as soon as possible.